Memorial Day Service 2016

On Memorial Day, our Lodge held a free luncheon for all Veterans and their guests.  This event was chaired by our Loyal Knight, Bill Clifford, who coordinated all the Elk volunteers.  Afterwards there was a Memorial Service at the Woodbridge Masonic Cemetery.  The Master of Ceremonies was William Clifford, Loyal Knight and Veteran’s chairman.  Guest speaker was Brigadier General 12th Commanding General, Emory J. Hagan, III.  Brigadier General Hagan was escorted by 2 Sargents in which Bill presented them with a “Thank you for your service” card.  Honor Guard was Pat Fitzpatrick and Ed Dammel.  The Lodi Community Band, with Conductor Art Holton, played the theme songs of all our armed forces and TAPS.  Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Exalted Ruler Sue Sandeen, and invocation and benediction was done by Carolyn Greeson, Chaplain.  There was a wreath laying ceremony which was performed by several Veteran’s organizations, including Lee Reich for the Survivors of Pearl Harbor and ex-POW’s, and ER Sue Sandeen on our lodge’s behalf for our Veterans wreath.  Dr. Raphael Pazo played the bagpipes.  A big thanks goes out to the following Elk members who put a lot of time into making this event successful:  John Rochon, Jeff Lodi, Ben Scholl, Mike Zaccagni, Pauline Meyers, Marian Tindle, Nancy Sanguinetti, Sandy Simmons, Mike Dugan, Bob Owen, Exalted Ruler Sue Sandeen and Andy Sandeen.

Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900
Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900

Elks Scholarship Awards

Elks Lodge 1900On May 22nd, our lodge was proud to host a luncheon for the local winning students of the Elks Scholarship awards, along with their families. Jay Anema was the Scholarship chairman in charge and did a great job coordinating the event.  Jay, along with Suzanne Henderson, presented the award checks and ask the students to talk about their lives and hopes for the future.  We even had an English teacher from Tokay High School, who was impressed with the emphasis the Elks put on the Essay portion.  I wanted to thank the following volunteers for preparing the delicious luncheon: Julie Traxler, Mike and Eileen Dugan.  A special thanks to Marilyn Hughes for presenting the certificates at the Lodi and Tokay High School Awards Ceremonies.

We’re hoping next year more members will attend this worthwhile event and hear the goals and aspirations of these impressive students, and how our community will benefit from them.  Jay Anema, Scholarship Chairman

 Award recipients are as follows:

  • Brody Nutting – Local 1st place winner ($600)
  • Jesus Godinez-Salcido-Local 2nd place and State Winner ($1,300)
  • Stephen Boyle – Local 3rd place and District winner ($800)
  • Claire Canestrino – Local 1st place and National winner ($4,600)
  • Maryalice Rosa – Local 2nd place and State winner ($1,300)
  • Delany Lund – Local 3rd place and State winner ($1,200)

Project R.I.D.E.

On Saturday, May 14th, our Lodge hosted an Ice Cream Social for the Little Riders, their families, and the Staff at Project R.I.D.E.  For those who may not be familiar, Project R.I.D.E. provides therapeutic recreational horseback riding instructions to children with special needs.  Our Lodge received a $2,000 Beacon Grant to purchase equipment and supplies for Project R.I.D.E and as part of the Grant we held the Ice Cream Social.  The event was special as we got to meet some of the children who benefit from this great program, their families, and the staff who work with these special needs children to bring a little joy into their lives.

As this year’s Chair, I would like to thank all the Lodge members who voted to allow me to pursue the Beacon Grant and a ‘Big Thank You’ to the volunteers that helped make the Ice Cream Social a Big Hit!

Sue Sandeen,  Mike Dugan, Eileen Dugan, Dave Binning, Carolyn Greeson, Bill Clifford, Diane Clifford, Jennifer Lozo, and Rachel Sandoval.

As a side note, Beacon Grants offer Lodges an opportunity to develop an ongoing, Elks-led charitable project and it is expected that the Lodge will continue to use the Beacon Grant for the same successful project year after year.  So, for all those Members who missed out this year on a heart warming experience, there will be another opportunity next year for you to participate.  Mike Zaccagni

Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900
Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900

Hoopshoot – January 9, 2016

Lodi Elks Lodge #1900 held their annual Hoopshoot Contest on Jan. 9th, at the Historic National Guard Armory. 26 boys and girls ages 8 through 13 years participated.  With Lodi Parks and Recreation and BOBS, it’s volunteer Youth Activities program, partnering with the Elks, this event was very successful.  All winners were eligible to compete at the District level Hoopshoot Contest, and they received a patriotic basketball.  Only four were able to attend the District Competition.  Jack Youngberg, who placed 2nd at the local level, replaced Chandler Miller, who was unable to attend, and Jack placed 2nd at the district level, thus receiving a certificate.  Thanks to the Elk volunteers Mike Zaccagni, Marilyn Hughes, Mike and Eileen Dugan, Hal Laney, Jim Miller, Sue Sandeen, Jeff Lodi, and all the girls, boys, parents and Coaches for making this contest a fun filled success.   Without their participation we wouldn’t have had a contest that instills healthy competition.

1st Place winners were:
Boys (8 – 9 yrs)   Jayden Huyhn / Boys (10 – 11 yrs) Preston Plath / Girls (10 – 11 yrs) Jorri Rossi
Boys (12 – 13 yrs) Chandler Miller / Girls ( 12 – 13 yrs) Ingrid Mackey

Elks Lodge 1900
Jayden Huyhn-1st Place
(8-9 yrs)      
Elks Lodge 1900
Jack Youngberg- 2nd Place
(10-11 yrs)
Elks Lodge 1900
Ingrid Mackey – 1st Place (12-13 yrs)
Elks Lodge 1900Jayden Huyhn taking a shot Elks Lodge 1900
Mike Zaccagni, (center) Chairman of the Hoopshoot event, pictured with some of the participants.
Elks Lodge 1900

Volunteers (L–R) Jeff Lodi, Hal Laney-P.A.V.P. Mike Zaccagni, Jim Miller-P.E.R., Sue Sandeen, Mike Dugan-P.E.R., and Eileen Dugan (not pictured, took the pictures)

2015 Luau
Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900 Elks Lodge 1900