Member Benefits

Elks Benefits & Discounts:

The Elks member benefits and discounts program is an exclusive and dynamic benefit program that provides benefits such as auto & home insurance, discounted travel, prescription savigns and much more for Elks members, their families and businesses.  The Elks member benefits and discounts can save you undreds of dollars, while every purchase you make helps support the BPOE!

Discount Services

As a member of the Elks, your exclusive savings go beyond travel and insurance. We’ve partnered with some of today’s best companies to provide you great discounts on goods and services! 


In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to make sure you and your family have great insurance coverage. We offer exclusive coverage on auto, home, life, and more!


With so many great discounts on travel, it’s time you finally take that trip. With your exclusive Elks membership, you can save on car rentals, hotels, trips and more! 

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